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Solar powered generators: 13 options for clean, portable power
Whether you’re a camper, boater, someone who wants backup power for occasional blackouts or an uninterruptible power supply for important equipment such as a home server or computer, a solar generator can be a great option that also happens to be more environmentally friendly. A solar generator isn’t a generator in the same way that a traditional gasoline generator is. There’s no engine inside: instead, a solar generator consists of a large lithium-ion battery and one or more solar panels to recharge it.
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SunPower solar panels: the unofficial product guide
Among the premium solar panel manufacturers that are popular in the US, California-based SunPower stands out. Their solar panels are at the top end of efficiency, but they also have an extensive dealer network to support a 25 year product warranty. The strong warranty and installer certification program are some of the reasons why The Solar Nerd network includes several SunPower dealers. While this might make it seem like we’re biased toward SunPower, there are other excellent brands worthy of consideration, such as LG and Solaria.
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Are solar panels covered by homeowner's insurance?
You’ve got homeowner’s insurance, right? If you have a mortgage, you almost certainly do, because lenders require it. If you’re thinking of adding solar panels to your home or already have solar, it’s definitely a good idea to pull out your policy documents and get familiar with what is and isn’t covered. Insurance plans are personalized, so the coverage in your neighbor’s plan might not be the same as yours, even if you use the same company.
Which are the most popular solar panels?
There are a LOT of solar panel manufacturers out there, and knowing which one is the best for your project can be a little daunting. This is especially true if you’re doing a DIY project. If you’re a homeowner who is getting multiple quotes for a solar installation, you’ll be faced with a few choices, but those will usually be limited in scope. Your installer might be a certified installer for one of the premium brands such as SunPower, LG, or Panasonic, in which case that brand will usually be their first proposal to you.
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What happens if your solar company goes out of business?
Residential solar has taken off like crazy in the United States in the past decade. About 162,000 people in the US work in jobs directly related to solar installation, while solar in general employs a quarter of a million people. That’s a lot! It’s a huge new sector of the economy. But like any other business sector, there are excellent companies, and some not-so-excellent ones too. With thousands of solar installers around the country, it’s inevitable that some operations will be poorly run, fall behind their competition, or generally face challenges that cause them to close up shop.