Buying Solar For Your Home:
The Complete Guide

On the Internet, it’s hard to find unbiased advice about how to go solar.

A lot of what you read is written by companies who are selling solar equipment or services.

I’ve been a solar homeowner since 2013, and I wrote this guide with all the tips and information that I wish I knew back then. To be clear, I’m a big solar advocate, and this site makes money when you get a quote for a solar installation. But I also know that there are a lot of situations where solar may not be the best investment, or a homeowner should put off solar until other upgrades are done first.

These articles were written with that intention in mind. While I love it when yet another homeowner powers up their home with solar, it doesn’t help the industry if an unhappy solar owner realizes they made a choice that wasn’t right for them.

I hope these articles help you with your decision making. I’d love to hear your feedback.

— The Solar Nerd

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