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Learn the basics.

Buying Solar For Your Home: The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about solar for your home, starting from how to make a smart financial assessment of whether solar is right from you, interviewing contractors, and understanding what you need to know about solar hardware.

Frequently asked questions about solar

In which we answer a large range of questions you may have about solar.

Solar incentives by state

Below is a list of state and local solar incentives, compiled by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center. Please keep in mind that updates to this list are always going to lag a litle behind, so always check with the relevant agencies for the latest information, or ask your solar installer.

Our solar cost calculator is kept up to date with the latest incentives.

Residential solar incentives and rebates

Incentives and rebates for home solar photovoltaic, listed by state.

Residential energy efficiency incentives and rebates

This includes non-solar photovoltaic incentives such as solar hot water, heat pumps, small wind turbines, and incentives for home energy improvements such as insulation.

Solar costs and electricity prices by state

City reports by state

One page reports that summarize the typical cost of solar installation, electricity prices, and the environmental impact of the local electricity supply. Handy for getting a quick overview of your city when you've making a decision to go solar. Be sure to also our calculator to get a personalized report.