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Some companies advertise an online-only experience to getting solar quotes. While this is fine if you’re renting a car, we believe that this doesn’t lead to the best quality for consumers shopping for solar.

Why? A big part of getting an accurate quote is inspecting your home for problems. Do you have wiring issues? Does your panel need to be upgraded first? Is your roof in good shape? These can be costly expenses that can only be accurately identified with a site visit. Buying solar isn’t like renting a car. You want to meet with a professional in your home. With The Solar Nerd, we make sure that happens.

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This will help speed up the process of getting you accurate quotes. Take a photo of your electric bill, including your annual kWh usage if available. Feel free to use a marker to black out any confidential information, such as your account number. This field is optional, but your installer will eventually need a copy of your bill.
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When you click “Get my quotes”, you agree to be contacted by up to three home solar providers. We do not provide solar installation services ourselves, and do not make any guarantees with regard to the price or work performed by any service providers you contract with. We do our best to work only with high quality providers, but you should always research any contractor you work with, and read the fine print.
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Here’s how it works

  • You’ll receive an automated email from us. Shortly after that, an actual human will contact you to confirm your request and answer any questions you have.
  • We then select up to three solar installer companies in your area and let them know that you are interested in getting solar for your home.
  • They will reach out to you to confirm your interest, and will ask additional questions to help prepare your estimate.
  • They will return with a proposal that includes a technical report, an estimate of how much electricity your system will generate, and a price estimate for the system. If your home isn't suitable, they will explain why.
  • If you’re happy with one of the proposals, you sign a contract with that company and start the process with them.
  • If you’re not happy with the proposals, there’s no obligation to go any further (although we really appreciate it when you let us know why).

Why three estimates? If you’ve used other price comparison sites, such as for car insurance quotes, you might be used to having several estimates to compare. Home solar is a little different, because every estimate requires the company to do a technical analysis of your home in order to generate a preliminary site plan for your project. While the availability of satellite imagery often means they can do this work without having to visit your home, every estimate is customized for you and involves hands-on work for the company.

Because of this, we select a maximum of three companies in your area to make sure that each company puts care into developing your proposal and gives you great customer service.