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Illustration showing concept of financial break even period.
How long does it take to break even with solar panels?
Buying solar panels for your home is a large investment. How many years will it take for that investment to pay itself back? The answer is a little complicated, but that’s what The Solar Nerd calculator is for. If you put in a few details about where you live, what direction your solar panels will face, how much electricity you use, the calculator will give you a quick estimate of how many years it will take for you to earn your initial investment back.
How many solar panels do I need to run my house?
People often ask how many solar panels it takes to run a home with a particular square footage - a 2,000 foot or 2,500 house, for example. But square footage won’t answer that question because different homes of the same size can use wildly different amounts of electricity. The number of solar panels you need to run your home depends completely on how much electricity you use in a year. You can find this out by getting a copy of your electric bill and looking for the section that tells you how many kilowatt hours you were billed for.