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Sunrun payment plans: a no-nonsense guide
With about 573,000 total customers, Sunrun is the largest solar installer in the United States. This means that if you’ve been shopping around for a solar installer, there’s a very good chance that you’ve come across Sunrun. If you’re learning about Sunrun for the first time or maybe considering using them to install your solar panels, be sure to read our Sunrun review first, which gives a comprehensive breakdown of the company and their products.
Vivint Solar: The complete review and consumer guide
If you’re a homeowner in one of the top states for home solar such as California, New Mexico, or Arizona, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve had a salesperson from Vivint Solar come knocking on your door. Operating in 21 states and with gross revenues in 2018 of $760 million, Vivint Solar is one of the largest solar installers in the nation. Like its larger competitor SunRun, Vivint Solar sells home solar systems under a type of contract known as a power purchase agreement (PPA).
Photo of a brick house with solar panels.
Buying a house with solar panels already installed: questions to ask
If you’re thinking of buying a house that already has solar panels installed, there are some questions you’ll need to run through with the buyer before you sign the contract. But first, if you’ve never thought about home solar until you came across them in your real estate search, you probably have some questions. Home solar has become wildly popular, with now more than 2 millions solar installations across the United States.