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What is light induced degradation in a solar panel?
Solar panels don’t have any moving parts and they last a really long time - but they don’t last forever. There are a lot of reasons why solar panels go bad, from physical failures such as the layers in the panel separating to chemistry-related phenomenon such as potential-induced degradation. It may take decades for the drop is power to be significant, but over time all solar panels lose efficiency. (A solar panel’s 25 year power warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in its long-term performance.
Photo of a broken solar panel. Image courtesy NREL.
Do solar panels go bad?
If you’re going to drop a few thousand dollars on anything - a car, a saltwater aquarium stocked with Clarion Angelfish ($2,500 each!), or solar panels for your home, you want to make sure that your investment is going to last. Cars come with warranties, but expensive fish do not. Fortunately, solar photovoltaic equipment does come with warranties. However, even if a failure is covered by a warranty, the labor to replace it may not be, plus there’s the downside of losing power generation while waiting for a repair.