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Diagram of a PERC solar cell
What is a PERC solar cell?
If you’re a homeowner who is comparing solar panels, there are really only a few features that obviously differentiate one panel from another, and efficiency tends to be one that manufacturers place front and center. Solar panel efficiency refers to how much light a solar panel converts into electricity. The higher the efficiency, the more electricity you’ll get from the panel for the same amount of light. For a rooftop deployment with limited space, this can be a very important feature.
What are bifacial solar panels?
When you’re trying to choose the right solar panel for your project, solar panel efficiency stands out as one of the key features. One of the newer ways that manufacturers are improving efficiency is with bifacial solar panels. A conventional monofacial solar panel is opaque at the rear, but a bifacial panel allows sunlight to enter from both the front and back. This can result in anywhere from a 5% to 30% increase in electricity production, depending on the panel and how it’s installed.