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Photo of a large solar panel installation
How many solar panels would be needed to power the USA?
From the start, let’s make it clear that there are no serious proposals to power the planet using only solar energy. The renewable energy technologies available today - solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, hydro, along with energy storage - are complementary. Each technology has strengths and weaknesses, but when we use all them in concert, it’s possible to power the entire planet with clean energy. Even so, it’s an interesting thought to consider how many solar panels we would need if that was the only power source available.
Illustration of a house with rooftop and ground mounted solar panels.
6 trends in home solar energy for 2020
Solar panels keep getting cheaper, but price isn’t the only consideration when it comes to buying solar panels for your home. As a modern technology, the rapid evolution of solar is more similar to your smartphone than to mature energy technologies that solar competes with, such as gas turbines or coal powered steam plants. If you’re a homeowner who is contemplating putting solar panels on your roof or backyard, you might be a little overwhelmed with the technical terminology and all of the choices available.