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Does adding solar panels increase your property taxes?
If you’re a homeowner who’s ever done a major home renovation, you’ll know that certain upgrades will mean an increase in property taxes. When you do a home renovation, in most municipalities this will involve getting permits for things like electrical, plumbing, or construction work. When property tax assessment time rolls around, the assessor’s office will typically review any permits for the property. If it looks like significant renovation work was done, your taxes could go up.
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FAQs - Florida net metering and solar incentives
Is net metering available in Florida? Yes. Net metering is available to customers who generate electricity using solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, biomass energy, ocean energy, hydrogen, waste heat or hydroelectric power. This basic policy includes investor owned utilities, municipal utilities, and electric cooperatives. You should check with your utility for additional details. Here’s a list of website links to net metering information for the major utilities in Florida:
Solar Investment Tax Credit - FAQs
(Disclaimer: We are solar nerds, not tax nerds. Please consult a tax professional for authoritative advice on this issue.) The Solar Investment Tax Credit is a federal tax credit you can get for installing renewable energy technology at your house or business. This includes solar electric (ie. solar panels), solar hot water, small wind turbines, and geothermal heat pumps. It’s known as the Residential Energy Credit if you’re a homeowner, and the Investment Credit if you’re a business.